Dictionary of Oddity

Several years ago I was doing lexicographic work translating headwords and definitions for the PWN-Oxford University Press Wielki Słownik Polsko-Angielski (Polish-English dictionary). Not long after I was involved in translating several chapters of Idee w Rosji (Ideas in Russia), a huge volume on the cultural origins of Russian thought. At the time I liked to use a certain electronic […]

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Merry Christmas!

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all, blog readers, friends and family of blog readers, a very, VERY Merry Christmas. May this year’s Yuletide be particularly special, that extra bit more joyful, that extra bit more cheerful and full and peace and love. All the very best, Raf Uzar

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Strefa Rafa

As part of my escapades around Warsaw I spend a fair bit of time making a fool of myself on Polskie Radio Bis, better known as Biska. Part of my ‘stuff’ is a weekly Friday slot known as Strefa Rafa where I throw odd Polish cultural phrases at listeners who have a week to come […]

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Glamorous? I think not!

Life is a wonderful journey, full of pitholes, mishaps, but at the same time full of surprises, which can be both rewarding and heartening. I spent the weekend in Berlin working for the European Film Academy during the European Film Awards 2007 which took place in Germany’s wonderful capital. I had the honour of being […]

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What’s in a name?

I honestly believe that in order to know yourself you have to know your history and everything that it entails. A recent scan of the internet looking for the name Uzar gave amusing results as some of you may recall (–> here). On a more serious note, however, I think it’s useful for people to know […]

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Christopher Walken

I was thinking about Christopher Walken today. Apparently, when the guy gets a script he takes his part and re-reads the entire thing. He scribbles all over the script inserting pauses, changing intonation so that he’s left with a script that intonation-wise is completely alien to the first version. He’s fascinated with changing phrases, sentences, […]

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[Drum roll] [Clapping] Yes, it is the first of September today and I have absolutely nothing at all to write about. I should really go and make myself some breakie coz I’m starving, but I want to ‘scribble’ something down first, and regurgitate on the screen (as I always do with this blog). That’s what […]

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