Edelman – Last of the Bundists?

Although the title of this piece is, in all probability, utterly misleading, it is not without reason I pin the moniker “Last of the Bundists” on the head of the departed Marek Edelman. There are several reasons. Firstly, he was most certainly the last of a dying breed. Marek Edelman passed away on the 2nd […]

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Round Table Anniversary

Today is a wonderful day. The 6th February 2009 is the 20th anniversary of one of the most important moments in European history. On the 6th February 1989, twenty years ago, the so-called ‘Round Table’ talks kicked off in Warsaw and so began the dismantling of the totalitarian regime in Poland. Good vs. Evil The […]

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In Praise of “Meritum”

There is a great word in Polish which is popular amongst politicians. Politics abounds in highfalutin language and exaggeration which is part of the reason why I so love this word. “Meritum” can be roughly translated as “the heart of the matter”, “crux” or “substance” and it’s both the sword and shield of every self-respecting […]

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