Words of Love – Transexual TNT

I was out and about on the internet the other day looking for new Polish words which might inspire me to new heights of bilingual bliss and was mildly amused by the graphical interpretation that tag frequency clouds often provide. You often get useless alphabetical combinations of words that mean nothing, but every now and […]

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Can the Real Poland Step Forward?

There are two events in Poland’s very recent history which in a fashion demonstrate the schizophrenia Polish democracy is suffering from. On the one hand, Poland is this burgeoning new dynamo, bustling with economic energy, pulling up trees and surprising everyone (including itself) with respect to how well it has done in the transmogrification move […]

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Has Kaczyński Finally Lost It?

After losing his twin brother Lech in the Smolensk air crash, Jarosław Kaczyński appears to be on a political suicide mission. His one goal in life seems to be avenging his brother’s death. Kaczyński’s grief seems to have twisted him to the point of believing that Russia/Prime Donald Tusk/President Bronisław Komorowski (delete where appropriate) are […]

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Poland Has a Cross to Bear

Things have really reached boiling point and one could colloquially add that the shit really has hit the fan in Poland. A ‘faecal’ assailant soiled the plaque commemorating the death of President Lech Kaczyński and 95 other passengers in the Smolensk air tragedy. A 71-year-old threw a strategically aimed pot of poo at the memorial tablet […]

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The Rydzykisation of Poland?

Jan Wróbel in a recent article in Wirtualna Polska talks about the ‘rydzykisation’ (pol. rydzykizacja) of not only Poland but surprisingly also of Civic Platform (PO). He is, of course, referring to Tadeusz Rydzyk the de facto head of catholic Radio Maryja and catholic TV station TV Trwam. He claims that although ‘rydze’ (pol. red […]

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Making A Drama Out Of A Crisis

Poland’s Smolensk tragedy has taken on ridiculous proportions. First of all, the Smolensk air crash seemed to have unified, albeit briefly, the entire Polish nation. Poland’s politicians joined hands in gestures of goodwill and to honour the dead; there was talk of a new ‘beginning’ in Polish politics. The world stood aghast as millions of […]

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Piece of Plane Becomes Holy Relic

If anyone had previously believed Poland was a secular state there is no doubt now that the opposite is true following the tragic Smolensk air crash. In some ways it was comforting to see the very public outpouring of grief after the disaster but what was striking were the religious overtones that accompanied the grief. […]

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