The Rydzykisation of Poland?

Jan Wróbel in a recent article in Wirtualna Polska talks about the ‘rydzykisation’ (pol. rydzykizacja) of not only Poland but surprisingly also of Civic Platform (PO). He is, of course, referring to Tadeusz Rydzyk the de facto head of catholic Radio Maryja and catholic TV station TV Trwam. He claims that although ‘rydze’ (pol. red […]

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Devilish Joke

Oh he’s really done it now. Janusz Palikot, PO (Civic Platform) politician known for his outspokenness has likened Tadeusz Rydzyk to Beelzebub and the Devil. The Lowdown Beelzebub or more accurately Ba‘al Zebûb was worshipped in the ancient city of Ekron and was later taken up by Judaism and Christianity to refer to the original […]

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Is Poland a Secular Society?

The answer to the question may be obvious to many people, but things are not always as obvious as they might seem. Is the Pope Catholic? Is the average Pole religious? These questions do not always give us the same answer. The Godfather Radio Maryja Godfather Tadeusz Rydzyk is fighting an ongoing campaign with ruling […]

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Elections or Bust

It seems more than likely that the moral burden of early elections will fall upon us like Thor’s Hammer come late Autumn. Poland is facing its most important vote since the fall of communism and 1989. I believe that there are two possible scenarios which we have to be prepared for. Civic Platform Wins The […]

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Who’s in Control?

The more we all think about it, the more difficult it is to decide who is actually in control here – President Lech Kaczyński or Father Taduesz Rydzyk, Holy Godfather of the much-maligned, dirt-spreading, anti-semitic Radio Maryja (read previous post for more details). After besmirching his good lady wife (calling her a witch) and throwing […]

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Interesting Times

There is a wonderful Chinese saying: “May you never live in interesting times”. How true… Happy Family Before we discuss today’s scandal, let us move back a few days. On Sunday, in an audacious bid to garner more support among the catholic masses, all the high-ranking members of the government including Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński, […]

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