Wojtek the Soldier Bear

Reblogged from Newzar (by Kamila Kulma) The Wojtek Memorial Trust will erect a statue of the famous Nazi-battling brown bear that became the pride of General Władysław Anders’ Army. The bronze statue will stand in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh in 2014. “It will be a symbol of friendship between Poland and the United Kingdom,” said […]

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Poles Apart

After the previous post (click here) I was surprised by the serendipity in my choice of topic after I discovered an article in Dziennik about the state of the Polish language around the world. Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently published a report entitled: “The Situation of Polish People Abroad”. This is the most detailed […]

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Plumbers heading back

A recent article in The Times is music to a lot of people’s ears. According to the British government’s register of migrant workers there has been a drop of 18% in the number of migrant workers in the third quarter of 2007 compared to the previous year. Official sources claim that there are more Poles […]

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Splintered Society (Part II)

Continued from Part I Integration and Influx And then came EU accession. The Poles in England were overjoyed that at last their homeland was truly free – a member of NATO and now the EU. They took in the new Poles with open arms inviting them into their houses, clubs, churches, giving them beds, money […]

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Poles in the UK

I’m not a fan of posting videos and suchlike but I thought this little vid summed up the linguistic life of Poles living in the UK. This is a Polish chappy trying to undertake an important transaction in English. Enjoy:

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