Is Wałęsa Poland’s Hero?

March 9, 2016

On the backdrop of what has been happening recently in relation to Lech Wałęsa, I was reminded of a post I wrote almost eight years ago. I’m re-posting it for your enjoyment…

Get WałęsaThe political climate in Poland is abubbling, afrothing and afoaming due to the imminent publication of SB a Lech Wałęsa (the Secret Police and Lech Wałęsa) by Sławomir Cenckiewicz and Piotr Gontarczyk. The authors of the book, two historians who work for the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), claim that the former President of Poland and legendary leader of Solidarity Lech Wałęsa was in fact a communist agent (Polish TW = tajny współpracownik = secret agent) with the pseudonym “Bolek”. A double agent, no less. This has sent shock waves across the Polish political landscape causing an incredible polarisation of an already divided political scene.

Bolek or Not
WałęsaThere are in effect two camps. Those who believe Wałęsa is the now mythical “Bolek” and those who believe there is no way on God’s Earth that the leader of Solidarity, the man who defeated communism and a devout Catholic could have played for both sides. The “Bolek” camp is headed by the terrible twins, wannabe Machiavellis, Lech and Jarosław Kaczyński who very early on in their political careers made it clear that they thought Wałęsa was “Bolek”. Interestingly, they only made their opinions known when Wałęsa threw his former aide Lech Kaczyński out of his office and decided he was unfit to work in politics and when Wałęsa decided to put an end to the ill-fated government of Kaczyński buddy Jan Olszewski (as well as Antoni Macierewicz).

Campaign of Dishonour
WałęsaThe truly annoying thing about this campaign to discredit the Nobel Peace Prize winner is that Kaczyński and Kaczyński have quite literally pulled out all the stops to besmirch Wałęsa. The IPN is loaded with Law and Justice (PiS) cronies who have not yet been cleared out by the government of Civic Platform (PO). Several days ago, Polish National Television (TVP) broadcast a so-called documentary which provided ‘hard evidence’ that Wałęsa was “Bolek”. Actually, this ‘papumentary’ was more an advert for the book. TVP is of course headed and managed by a whole slew of PiS sympathisers casting a dark shadow over the journalistic credibility of the programme. What is more, the now infamous book is an alleged history based on IPN documents. It is odd that a history book posits a thesis at the beginning rather than look at the facts and then draw a conclusion.

What if…?
Man of the YearThe question on most people’s lips is what will happen (or become of Wałęsa) if it turns out that he did collaborate with the SB. Those people who survived communism know full well that a large majority of people did collaborate. So what? They did so to survive. I suggest the younger generation go out and watch the poignant Das Leben der Anderen which shows how communism was never truly black and white. We are rarely confronted with true, pure evil in life and people usually come in shades of grey. If Wałęsa did collaborate (which I severely doubt) then I’m sure he did it to protect the fragile, embryonic democracy that he was trying to nurture. If he did collaborate why doesn’t he admit it? Life is never black and white and to point the finger and to name names would do no good now. The facts are that Wałęsa did more for freedom than most men do in their whole lives and that can never be taken away from him.


Polish Personality 2008

January 3, 2009

2009 is upon us and it’s perhaps time to take stock of 2008 and consider who were the biggest players on Poland’s political scene, who people took most notice of and who was the most influential Polish politician. Several names spring to mind but we can safely whittle the number down to five politicians:

Lech Kaczyński, President of Poland
Janusz Palikot, Civic Platform politician
Radosław Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Donald Tusk, Prime Minister of Poland
Lech Wałęsa, former President of Poland and leader of Solidarity

Law and Justice for All

Justice (and Law) for All

Battling Everyone
Poland’s President has been on the front pages for the majority of 2008. However, for most of that time, the former head of Law and Justice (PiS) has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Lech Kaczyński hit the headlines for his ongoing war with two other Polish political heavyweights – Lech Wałęsa (his former employer) and Donald Tusk (a one-time friend).

Civic Mascot

Waging War

Palikot has become Civic Platform’s (PO) aggressive little mascot, a renegade that the governing party is able to let loose every now and again to take a swipe at the President and the opposition, Law and Justice. Palikot hit the headlines in 2008 by claiming the President had alcohol problems and should have regular health checks to see if he is ‘fit’ enough to govern.

Riding High

Rising Statesman

Battling High
Radosław Sikorski’s comebackability, first from senator to Defence Minister (when PiS was in power), sacking (by PiS) and then appointment as Foreign Minister  (by PO) has solidified his position as an expert in foreign policy and high government advisor. Rumours that he could become NATO’s new leader, though far-fetched, could be a sign of great things to come.

Prime Problems

Shaky Platform

The PM has by no means had an easy ride this year. Constant bickering and petty squabbling with the President have not gone down well with the Polish public denting his popularity. Tusk seems to be a man always ready for the race but never  managing to get to the finish line. 2008 has been a year of near successes and Poland’s much-needed reforms still seem a long way off.

World Class

Prized Leader

Wałęsa spent much of 2008 trying to clear his name after a book was published claiming he had collaborated with the communists. Lech Kaczyński publicly slurred Wałęsa and spurned him during Independence Day celebrations by not inviting him to the official do. However, Wałęsa’s year finished on a high note with his own Nobel Peace Prize Anniversary celebrations attended by the world’s greatest politicians, famous personalities and finest dignitaries.