The Wrong Flower

Somewhere in Okinawa there are stairs, are concrete stairs that lead one near straight from top to bottom of a cliff face and they end in a black-sand beach. Despite its name, no orchids grow there. Orchid comes from the Greek word meaning testicle and Greek women believed eating orchids made their unborn babies boys. […]

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حرق الخشب

خرجت إلى خشب البندق ، لأن النار كانت في رأسي ، قد أموت في الدقائق العشر القادمة وأنا مستعد لذلك ، أنا ذاهب لشراء سكين مع شفرة طويلة عشر بوصات.

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Looking Up

You sit and gnaw your nails And listen to the silence on the ceiling. Shadows of loitering silver clouds, becalmed in blue, Hither-hence, my guest, Blood and bone befriend, where you abide. Draw a deep breath; stop thinking; count fifteen, And you’re as right as rain… The garden waits for something that delays. There must […]

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Why do you look so different Now? Milky-white teeth where before were horse-yellow, Shining amber eyes where before were blood-shot green, You blow in your direction and I scream in mine. Why do you smell so alien Today? The sneeze is grass-fresh, beforing aged lace, The wax is belly-soft, beforing piss stink, You plant your […]

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Half the Chance

I am a reaper whose muscles set at sun-down. But I am too chilled, and I hunger. But something in me isn’t ready To destroy what I’ve carefully cultivated. When I gobble you up I lay the little bones ever so gently round my plate. You woke in the groin of night to feel a […]

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Sensing the Dark

With a deleterious pinch of excavated beauty, I’m clambering with my mouth At the silence of salt. Eager fitness, the chance has passed And I’m content with pretend loneliness: All for one, none for all. Fingered moistness, in pensive anticipation Of a failed mouthful, I break bread with my other self. He casts a long […]

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