Bizarre Tunes – Five of the Best

Just to cheer things up a little I’ve decided to share with you five of my favourite light-hearted numbers. They’re odd, strange but they always put a smile on my face. We’ll begin with the sultan of dank and dirty blues, the master of juju-, voodoo-tinted zydeco and the king of boogie woogie, Dr John. […]

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Merry Cheesy Christmas

Christmas is upon us and it’s time to take some time out. I’m going to let you all into a secret. I’m an avid fan of bad music. Here’s an offering of some of my recent favourites. A bluegrass cover of Pink Floyd’s Money: Another bluegrass number, this time Iron Horse has a go at […]

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Music for the Week

It’s summer, enough politicking. The weather’s picked up and it’s my birthday tomorrow so it’s now time to relax, take a step back and listen to some nice little tracks from a few of my favourite artists and a few more. Pirate Song (sounding a lot like My Sweet Lord) on Rutland Weekend Television by […]

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Networking Art

There once was a little boy called Czesław Mozil who had to leave his home town in Poland at the age of five and make life anew in the distant Kingdom of Denmark. Now, many years on Czesław Mozil has become Czesław Śpiewa (Czesław ‘sings’). He lives in Copenhagen, owns his own bar/pub and has […]

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Music for the Masses

My thanks to Wirtualna Polska for inspiring me to do this post. As some of you may know I have a pechant for terrible tunes. Herein I present a list of some of the world’s worst album covers: Mr Methane – rectal mahem! The Gleason Family -what a family! Tarzan & Banarne – loving bananas… […]

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God Bless the Funkski

The world is changing. Poland has got funk! I’ve been watching the slow growth of funk in Poland ‘from the inside’ for a few years now. It’s safe to say that the emergence of funk is a relatively new phenomenon in Poland. Some may argue that funk had, to some extent, filtered into Polish society […]

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What they’d listen to…

After reading an interesting article in the Times about Hitler’s music collection (link is here), it got me a-thinking what the world’s politicians might actually be listening to in their spare time, what secret records do they have stashed away in the attic or secret room and what musical place do they go to when […]

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